Stretch goals!

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Thanks to you all, in just one week I have met my kickstarter goal! These funds ensure that all of the base production costs of this album will be covered! What a relief! But also a great honor to be able to hire and work with all of the amazing people involved in making this album!!!

As I look further into how to get the music out to the world, I realize that promotional costs are potentially exponential. Seems there are two routes to getting your music out there beyond your immediate community (social networks, friends and family). One route is to hire a publicist, which costs at minimum about $2500 a month (eeeeeeeeek!). The second route is a bit more ninja style: order an extra however many copies of your album to give to radio stations and other media outlets so that people that have never heard of you, know about you.

For this reason, I am setting a stretch goal of $10,000. This will enable me to press an extra 1000 copies of my album to send to various media outlets that will help me promote this record.

Kickstarter itself has been an amazing promotional tool and I love that people that who did not know of me before are preordering the album and excited about the music!

Thanks for your help in keeping the word out there and for supporting this project! Once the kickstarter campaign is done, I will be collecting all of your info to mail you your rewards!

Also, this is the LAST LONG EMAIL that I’ll be sending out, so thanks for taking the time to read this!